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4 Smashing Beauty Rituals That Involve Steam but Not Your Vagina (Sorry, Gwyneth) - Glamour (blog)
Oh, Gwyneth Paltrow —you're always passable for a WTF. Only you could have everyone sitting around talking about vagina steaming today. In case you somehow missed this, yes, Gwyneth is now singing the praises of steaming one's vadge. On her place, Goop, she describes a favorite treatment called the Mugworth V-Steam at a Korean spa in L. A. called Tikkun. She writes , "You sit on what is essentially a mini-throne, and a union of infrared and mugwort steam cleanses your uterus, et al. It is an energetic release—not just a steam douche—that balances female hormone levels. After we finished laughing about this—fine, we're still chuckling a spot—we realized that Gwyneth's suggestion somehow did leave us with a sudden urge for some hot midwinter steam action. Here are a few steamy beauty rituals we pleasure, none of which involves anything remotely gynecological. Pore-cleansing facials Steaming your face is a debatable belle habit. Still, we'll always be fans of the good old-fashioned extraction facial, which starts with some light steam to relax pores and let deeply embedded gunk slide out more handily under gentle pressure. The steam's pretty much the only soothing part of these facials—extractions are not comfy—but when it's over, you feel like your cleaned-out pores can blow so much better. Steam curlers Everyone's all about the curling iron these days, but there's something to be said for the retro method of setting hair on curlers. (The resulting bouncy waves are one of the manner signatures of this crazy-chic former Glamour. com editor , who sets her hair on curlers each morning). Steam curlers in fussy are known for really locking volume into fine hair long-term. Plus, they take up less bathroom place than dry-heat curlers. Or to any naturally occurring hot spring in spa surroundings, where we can just float and soak up minerals for a while. But I'm pretty sure the closest I'll be getting is the steam space at the gym. Bedtime humidifiers Filling and cleaning a humidifier can be a drag, but using one during fall and winter can have spa-like results when it comes to keeping strip looking alive, plump, and glowy. This is one of those boring beauty rituals that's so underrated. Look for a warm-steam version, which feels cozier near your bed. So, ladies, how multitudinous of you would possibly maybe someday try a vagina steam treatment. What about these other steam beauty treatments—are you feeling in the mood for a little mist right now.
Caruso Steam Curlers... Curls Without a Hot Curling

This is another skin of one's teeth tutorial on how I get my hair curled without the heat of a crazy curling iron. I use my Caruso Steam Curlers that I have had for about t...

Sofia S Sofia S says:
What is the change between a regular ceramic curling iron, and a steam mist curling iron?
is one safer than the other? does the steam mist make curls hold better/last longer? is one more damaging to the hair than the other?
chazza72 says:
any heating products on your locks aren't good for it dries it out, the steam one sets your hair for longer and will make the curls stay
ℒεigɦтσɳ ♥ ℒεigɦтσɳ ♥ says:
How do you preserve continue curls to stay all day?
How do you obstruct curls (made with a curling iron) to stay in your hair all day without spraying a gallon of hairspray on? My hair is naturally wavy, but for some reason, no matter how much ringlets spray I use, it just doesn't stay for more than an...
karlin H says:
There are a few options depending on what kidney of curls you want. If you want soft "touchable" curls they are not going to stay all day no matter what you do, but you can get them to stay longer if...
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Consumers Pr
Consumers Pr
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Mechanical Hair Steam Curler ARINO Ceramic Hair Curler Professional Curling Iron Wand for Beautiful Style & Shine, LCD Digital Exhibit Black

Mechanical Hair Steam Curler ARINO Ceramic Hair Curler Professional Curling Iron Wand for Beautiful Style & Shine, LCD Digital Exhibit Black

Price: $80.99
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  • Heats Up Quickly- This Ceramic Hair Curler will have your hair in fun, flirty curls within minutes. Designed with quick heating ceramic plates, this Automatic Curler will reach temperatures up to 190°C, keeping the heat exactly where it needs to be, leaving you with salon-quality results in no time!
  • Three Timer Settings With Beep Alarm- With 3 heat settings available, this hair curler is able to adapt to different hair types.Select between 3 time settings (8-10-12 seconds) and thus determine their desired curling effect Choose from left curls, right curls, or an automatic mix.The Automatic Curling Iron beeps when the it reach the setting time.
  • Specially Designed With LCD Display and 3 Temperature Setting( 190°C-210°C-230°C)- The Curling Iron is quite easy to read the temperature and setting.When you turn on the curler, the LCD display will be on and show time, temperature, and curl direction is legible for you to adjust the settings according to your hair. Selecting the temperature from 190°C to 230°C. Start from the lowest and then gradually increase heat level is recommended.

Product description

Why is this Automatic Hair Steam Curler recommend?

- The Steam Waver is a hair curler that uses heat and steam to achieve your desired waves. The steam mist adds moisture and a shiny gloss to the hair. It features an ion generator that helps fight frizz and smoothes hair cuticles.

- The Ceramic Hair Curler features ceramic plates with no hot spots. Temperature can reach up to 230 degree and it only takes 30 seconds to heat up.

-The Curling Iron Wand nourishes and moisturizes hair using hydrating steam mist. Women can enjoy big volume curls, shiny waves, beachy waves and different curling styles.

Note : the steamer curler must be positioned with open part of the curl chamber facing towards the head . For more detailed information, please refer to the users'manual.

Product Specification

Voltage: 110-230V, AC
Frequency: 50-60HZ
Temperature: 190°C - 230°C
Power Cord: 2M
Heat Conduction Material: Tourmaline ceramic
Package Weight: 2.2lb(1kg)
Package Dimension: 13x5.04x3.35in(33 x 12.8 x 8.5cm)

Infiniti Pro by Conair Steam Curling Stick

Infiniti Pro by Conair Steam Curling Stick

by Conair
List price: $29.99
Price: $19.67
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  • The clamp-free design creates free-flowing curls with no kinks
  • Natural ionic steam mist refreshes and adds shine between shampoos
  • Anti-frizz protection for smooth, frizz-free curls

Product description

The Conair infinity pro steam curling wand is an easy-to-use style that creates natural, voluminous curls in one simple wrap. This style is infused with hydro silk which helps refresh hair between shampoos with natural ionic steam mist that refreshes and adds shine to hair. The conical shaped barrel creates extra-body, free-flowing, bleachy curls, every time. The powerful heater means faster curling time and less exposure to protect hair from damage. It is a high performance curling wand for salon-quality results.

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