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H2O Mop X5 5-in-1 Steam Cleaner with Accessories

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R M R M says:
Which steam cleaner is nicest, the H2O mop X5 or H2O Mop Ultra?
Which steam cleaner is most excellently, the H2O mop X5 or H2O Mop Ultra? And why?
Brady Sorenson says:
H2O mop X5
Sean Michael Sean Michael says:
What is the most beneficent steam mop to buy to clean porcelian tiles?
Thanks in loan a beforehand!
Christen says:
get an h2O mop x5, these steam mops are glittering, they work on all sorts of flooring including porcelain tiles, laminate tiles, marble and even hard wood. check out...
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Directory Use the power of steam for cleaning Комплект накладок для Steam Cleaner Mop X5 (wonderful clean pack 5шт.) ... Комплектация H2O Mop X5 (см. рисунок): For More Info or to Buy Now: H2O Mop X5 5-in-1 Steam Cleaner with AccessoriesGet some s-s-s-steam hot up and clean ... Allowed Steam Cleaner H2O Mop X5 is the third generation of the H2O Mop. The H2O mop was introduced in 2006 by Thane Direct and the second generation H2O Mop Ultra ...
H2O Mop X5 Steamer

H2O Mop X5 Steamer

by Thane
List price: $119.95
Price: $93.99
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  • Window Cleaner- virtually cleans any surface in seconds, without using any harmful chemicals, have spotless, streak-free cleaning for all glass surfaces, and clean super tough stains on sinks, stove tops, and even inside ovens.
  • Floor Cleaner- thoroughly deep cleans most floor types. Get great results on marble, ceramic, carpet, stone, laminate and sealed hardwood
  • Garment Steamer-Say Goodbye to Ironing. With the Garment Steamer attachment, wrinkles fall out, creases melt away and your garments will be fresh and ready to wear.

Product description

H2O Mop X5 Steamer designed to clean and sparkle virtually all the surfaces in your hojme without harsh chemicals. The Powerful 5 in 1 H2O Mop X5 steamer converts ordinary water into grime busting steam in seconds. Whether it's the bathroom or kitchen as a super-maneuverable floor mop, or in the nursery or on the backyard grill as a light-weight hand held steamer - now you can GREEN CLEAN with variable steam settings that make the H2O Mop X5 steamer perfect for almost any cleaning job.

HIFROM(TM) New 4pcs Replacement Pads For H2O H20 X5 Steam Mop Cleaner Dumfound Washable Microfibre Pads

HIFROM(TM) New 4pcs Replacement Pads For H2O H20 X5 Steam Mop Cleaner Dumfound Washable Microfibre Pads

Price: $8.99
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  • 2. Microfiber materials, ultra soft, durable, thick, strong water absorption, dry fast, that can effectively prevent germ breeding, without fading in high temperatures, washable re-usable cleaning pads with hundreds of super absorbing fringes - clean up spills with ease.
  • 3. Suitable for deep cleaning and everyday spills on marble, slate, ceramic, stone, linoleum, and sealed hardwood.
  • 1. Microfiber Steam mop Pads for H2O X5, Size : 25 x 18cm / 9.8 x 7 inch approx. Package included: 4pcs steam mop pad

Product description

4pcs Microfiber H2O X5 Steam mop Pads
Size :25*18cm /9.8 x 7 inch.

Please note: the steam mop pads can be washed with water, soap or detergent.

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