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3 Gauze Bags Fit Aquabot Pool Cleaners Part # 8111 & 8101

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These separate bags are designed to trap all particles that are 2 microns or larger. That's a lot of gunk that will be filtered out. Still, if you've got a large pool, you'll probably need to transformation the bag at least once during the cleaning. That's why this multi-pack of bags is great. Each bag is washable and reusable, so after you've finished cleaning your pool, wash up with cool water to clear the detritus, and you're good to go until your next cleaning. Designed to fit: Aquabot Pool Cleaners Approximate Dimensions: 7.9 x 7.9 x 1.1p.small{slash-height: 1;}p.big{line-height: 2;} Please note the following important information about this product from Think Momentous: (i) it is a generic replacement, NOT a Aquabot Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) product; (ii) because it is not a Aquabot OEM product, it is not covered by any Aquabot pledge or warranty; (iii) use of this generic replacement may violate or void Aquabot's guarantee or warranty - it is entirely your responsibility to check, and unqualifiedly your risk if you decide to use this product; (iv) we do not guarantee or warrant that this generic replacement is compatible with any product from Aquabot or any other provider. Humour check your manufacturer's warranty with regard to the use of non-OEM parts. Think Crucial provides no warranty or guarantee with regard to the fallout or its compatibility with your Aquabot product. The Aquabot brand and all Aquabot trademarks belong to Aquabot or its affiliates, and are used here only to clarify the compatibility features of the generic replacement product.

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