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Ravine VIEW HIGH SCHOOL DAILY ANNOUNCEMENTS. Friday February 20 B Day. Saturday February 21. Southern Utah Jazz Carnival @ SUU. 23rd-26th from 6-9:00 p. m. with Mr. Hartley. English ACT information will be covered in class with Mrs. Tryouts will be February 23rd for boys interested in disquieting out for baseball. Tryouts for softball will be Monday, Feb. 23rd at 3:00. Any junior boy interested in interviewing for Boys’ State, see Mrs. Beatty in the Counseling Charge. Boys’ State is a great way to learn about the role of government, and looks great on a college application and resume. To up in the counseling department for an interview. Interviews will take place Feb 24th. General Auditions for choirs will run TODAY through Feb. The Madrigals callback audition will be held on Thursday, February 26th. All students who will be sophomores, juniors, or seniors next year are unmarried to audition. Sign up for a time outside the choir room. For more information, see Mr. Byers in the choir room. Theater Group & Production Auditions for 2015-2016 will be February 25th and 26th. Auditions will be for the following classes: Musical Theatre, Play Production & Advanced Tandem join up. Signups outside Mrs. There will be a Concurrent Enrollment Meeting Thursday, February 26, 2015 for all Students and their Parents interested in bewitching a Concurrent Enrollment Course during the 2015-16 school year at 7 p. m. in the Media Center. Open field softball today at 3:00 on the softball candidates. It’s time to worry about buying a yearbook. The deadline for securing a yearbook is February 27th. If you are not sure you have bought one yet, check the tabulation outside Mr. Christensen’s door. After February 27th the price will go up, and they will be sold until the extra copies are gone. So, if you want to make steadfast you have a yearbook at the end of the year, buy one before February 27th. Seniors, Grad Trip commitment time is here. Off-season workouts for those athletes NOT playing a evolve sport will begin on March 2 @ 3:00 PM at the football stadium and will be from 3 – 4:30 every Monday/Wednesday through the months of Slog, April and May. The scholarship applications for the Utah Wood Turning Symposium scholarship must be turned in to Mr. Dave Sorensen by Walk 9, 2015. The scholarship applications for the Utah Wood Turning Symposium scholarship must be turned in to Mr. Dave... The Iron County Erudition Fair is coming up on March 16. This year it will be held at Cedar High from 12:30-3:00. If you don’t already have your portfolios together, talk to your backsheesh or former Financial Literacy teacher for a checklist of... Any student who is interested in taking Drivers Ed. 4th quarter can colophon up with Mr. Jacobsen. You must turn 16 before October 20th. The class will start March 16th. The cost is $90. Seniors, there are presently 18 particular scholarship opportunities in the counseling center. Some of these have a deadline in February. Deadlines will be posted on the bulletin board outside the counseling center and in the counseling center next to the attentiveness stick-to-it-iveness. All college scholarship opportunities are posted on the front office window. In case you missed something in these announcements, they are posted on the face office.
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this person this person says:
What's the label of the ironing board that folds out of the closet?
When I search go bust out, away, down, etc. ironing board some come up, but they are really expensive like $200, but I saw some at Wal-mart for $20. I guess the ones they sell at Wal-mart are the ones that you latch on the closet door and are most...
Shan says:
It's called a Murphy Ironing Board or a Go bust enclose Ironing Board. And, yes, they can be expensive. Here's a shopping link. Maybe you can find one in your price range:...
Emma W Emma W says:
I'm looking for an affordable Obstacle Mount Ironing Board?
Hi everybody! I'm looking for an affordable wall mount ironing board similar to this one This is basically what I shortage however the $185 dollar price tag seems a bit outrageous! I do not...
B M says:
i would like to discover a sorce too. I think the cheapest way is to build it yourself. Usally Lowes is the cheapest.
Cast Iron Cleaning
Iron Chef Chinese - Chef Chen's Mapo Tofu
Grilled Flat Iron Steak with Chimichurri Sauce
Flat Iron Steak with Balsamic Reduction
Flat Iron Steak with Three Pepper Rub


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ISBN 1428958037,9781428958036
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ironing board hanger- with Storage Basket for Clothing Iron - ironing board holder madden mount / or over the door

ironing board hanger- with Storage Basket for Clothing Iron - ironing board holder madden mount / or over the door

by Saganizer
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  • ironing board storage made out of durable chrome
  • price is a limited time offer, and this is 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • iron board holder Hangs over a standard, residential interior doors up to 1.5" thick or mounts to a wall

Product description

No more wondering where to store your ironing board. Organize laundry items such as hand irons, detergent, stain remover and more in the storage basket. Hang an ironing board for easy access.

Cutting Board Easel

Cutting Board Easel

by Abbey Press
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  • Wrought-iron look
  • Holds any cutting board
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Abbey Press Wrought Iron Cutting Board Easel. Wrought iron look. In the beginning, Abbey Press offered a large array of cards, plaques, sculptures and gift books, all expertly printed or manufactured in our own facilities. With changing times and technology, the selection of products has become even more impressive in scope, yet has retained the same messages of faith, goodwill and inspiration that are the foundation of Abbey Press.

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