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I am SOOOO glad -- I officially retired on January 30, 2015. I am a FREE WOMAN. If you are retired, you probably know this feeling of being hook liberated to do the things that you WANT to do instead of the things that you HAVE to do in order to keep a roof over your head, clothes on your back, and food on the columnar list. I am so thankful to be in this position -- retired three years earlier than I thought would happen. We got socked with a snow sandstorm over the weekend and Lake Michigan piled on some lake effect snow for good measure -- 11. 5" official but I have 3 and 4 foot giant drifts. Well, I am not complaining too loudly because we've had way below average snow-fall this winter. more snow is coming later today - I heard starting there 3 p. m. and making rush hour traffic a mess. I hope Mother Nature doesn't decide that February, Parade and April are "make up for that" months. The new collage contrasts the conditions outside and the warm and cozy inside of Maison Newton. We had a snow hurricane two weeks ago Sunday and had nearly a foot of snow dumped on us. and then we went back into the deep freeze. Slowly, ever so slowly, as the sun has come out every now and then and the rays ARE getting more fervent during the countdown to the Spring Equinox, the snow levels have shrunk somewhat, but as you can see, there is still plenty of it and it's not... I was rinsing out some dishes just after genesis on the 14th and looking out my kitchen windows and I thought "What is that. " But I knew it could NOT be fog -- it was like 10 below outside. No -- it was SNOW. I tried to get a duo pictures of it by quickly sticking my camera out the front door -- managed to get a wet lens but not that sense of sandstorm that was phenomenon at 6:30 a. m. on February 14th. You can see on the driveway, though (above),... Photo above was taken looking to the southwest. Photo below was infatuated looking toward the northwest:. But very very cold. I hiked to the Pick 'n Save yesterday about 1:30 p. m. -- during the top of the "warmth" when the windchill was about zero degrees F, and picked up some supplies. Today it will be temps consistently 10 to 15 below zero F because of winds out of the northwest. We won't get a rest period from this until Saturday, when it may get up into the 20's, YAH, but also snow. So, now that I am a FREE woman, I've been spending a LOT of time working on my friend Barb's next of kin tree and going through ink on my small printer like you wouldn't believe. I completed the first family lines binder and could not pack another page into the 1. 5" binder. Barb moved the contents to a 3" binder and it works much better now, and a good reaction too, because I still have more pages to insert. Now I'm working on the second binder which contains the "paternal" lines and it's going to be as large as (if not larger than) the outset binder. There are many more people and family lines I was able to trace back to Europe in the 1600's in the paternal line so I'm successful to have to pick and choose what records to print out and what stories to tell. All of us have wonderful stories in our family histories -- if only you knew. BUT, I have enchanted some breaks from this fascinating work. On February 4th, I nearly strangled myself with an Ikea duvet cover, and things went downhill from there. I definitely tried to like this cover, I really did.
Making a Important Laundry Fabulous Quick Tips by

Making a Essential Laundry Fabulous Quick Tips by Debbie Travis From Canadian Tire See All Laundry Room Storage at Canadian Tire:

No Point No Point says:
What garnish should I put on my key holder that hangs on the wall?
It's for our clear and I made it, now I have to paint it and put the hooks on it. The hooks are cool, I just have to have an equally, or more cool design on the board that's shaped like a key!
carolathome2099 says:
How about painting it pasty and painting ivy vines twirling in and out of the hooks? You could get gold leaf from Hobby Lobby and cover it with gold. Get a can of the blanket paint that looks...
George N George N says:
How do I solder on a PC board decently?
I was soldering on a PC board for the initial time today. I read that the solder should spread out all over the aluminum strips when you solder any part (diodes, resistors, etc.) to the board. I can't seem to get the solder to spread out over the...
MarkG says:
As mentioned solder is familiar to electrically bond copper. Sometimes copper is plated with other metals such as gold or tin. Tin plating would look like aluminum with a flashlight grey or silver color....
Cool Off Smoothie
Cool Guacamole
Easy Chocolate Truffles Aka: Cool Whip Candy
Cool Veggie Pizza
Cool Chicken Wrap


Blockage Away from This Shit! What People REALLY Think About
Blockage Away from This Shit! What People REALLY Think About "Ironing board cover"
ISBN 5518312318,9785518312319
Spent of that old ironing board of yours? Buy a new cover then! These ironing board covers also have a bonus feature – if you iron the towel/bikini – they’ll ... IRONING BOARD Overspread on English sites. Like: dog walking, grooming & boarding service. Marin County And one more cool reason for an ironing board is using a breakfast tray and stand. These are usually larger and more sturdy than some tv dinner trays. I Ironing Board Covers. ... Rachael Leigh Cook cool wallpaper; Henna Mane Dye; pictures of 5 gum; Angelus Novus Klee; shannon calderon tattoos; lirik lagu ...
EverSmooth Ironing Board Swaddle - Cut Iron Time By 40% - OLD SCHOOL Quality - Zero Staining, 100% Cotton, Silicone Coated, Integrated Pad, Sear Resistant, Draw String [15" x 54"]

EverSmooth Ironing Board Swaddle - Cut Iron Time By 40% - OLD SCHOOL Quality - Zero Staining, 100% Cotton, Silicone Coated, Integrated Pad, Sear Resistant, Draw String [15" x 54"]

by EverSmooth
Price: $29.99
Buy Now

  • WRINKLES BE GONE ! -- Banish wrinkles forever and get the CRISPEST shirts and pants possible with EverSmooth. The sewn in 7mm felt pad prevents any grid mark of the iron board from imprinting on your clothes.
  • GUARANTEE -- Zero color bleeding, or we will PAY for your new clothes. Guaranteed to last at least 5 years (though it'll probably last you 10).
  • IRON 40% FASTER -- Ironing SUCKS. Which is why EverSmooth helps you to get it done faster. The integrated pad, draw string, and straps are intuitive to use and fit perfectly. The silicone coating Reflects Heat & Steam Back Up, so you're almost ironing Both Sides at the Same Time.

Product description


Want to remove wrinkles and get your shirts and pants SUPER CRISP in 40% less time?
Tired of cheap ironing board covers falling apart?
Looking to revive that old ironing board filled with a lifetime of memories?

*** EverSmooth Ironing Board Cover is MADE JUST FOR YOU

Old School Quality - 100% cotton, luxurious 7mm poly felt pad, reinforced stitching.

Iron 40% Faster - silicone coating reflects heat & steam back up, so it's almost like ironing both sides at the same time.

Wrinkles Be Gone - felt pad prevents board grid mark from imprinting on your clothes.

Modern Technology - tactile silicone coating, scorch resistant, water & stain repellent.

** Fits Like a Glove

EverSmooth Ironing Board Cover fits your iron board like a glove (up to 15" x 54"). The draw string and 2x straps make adjustments a breeze, and will ensure the product stays in place with no wrinkles.

** Silicone Coating

The 100% cotton base layer is coated with silicone, which is scorch resistant. It's also water & stain repellent, which stays CLEANER and more HYGIENIC longer.

The coating has a textured feel to keep garments in place, while allowing for easy repositioning. It also reflects heat & steam back into the garment to speed up the ironing process.

** 7mm Poly Felt Pad

The thick & luxurious 7mm poly felt pad (integrated / sewn in with the cover) is TEAR RESISTANT.

** Old School Quality & Guarantee

ZERO color bleeding, or we will pay for the replacement cost of your clothes.

Honey-Can-Do IBC-01287 Fervency Retardant Ironing Board Cover with Pad, Natural

Honey-Can-Do IBC-01287 Fervency Retardant Ironing Board Cover with Pad, Natural

by Honey-Can-Do
List price: $17.99
Price: $11.63
Buy Now

  • Fits on standard 54-inch ironing board
  • Foam pad is sturdy 6-millimeters thick
  • Pad is designed to be extra fire retardant

Product description

ironing board cover

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Jolly, or twee Kidston was a pioneer of vintage style, and stocked her first shop with second ... A backpack in the 'garden rose' conceive is one of South Korea's top selling fashion items after a number of celebrities were spotted wearing it.

Generation British homeware firm Cath Kidston blooms

Her beginning creation was an ironing board cover in what became a signature rose print, and the 1,000-strong product line now includes the whole from tea cups to towels. The kitsch look is not for everyone, and for many, Cath Kidston is the

Quality British homeware firm blooms operations

LONDON--The the public of Cath Kidston is instantly identifiable, full of bright colors, cheerful prints and nostalgia for an imagined English way of existence — and has made the homeware company one of Britain's global success stories. A cult following for the ...

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BLT sandwiches are synonymous with summer. And the only detail better than a BLT sandwich is a grilled BLT pizza! Once you've had grilled pizza, you'll never want to eat pizza any other way. Grilling solves the age-old hornet's nest of a soggy pizza crust.

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