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A College Packing Inventory for UNC Wilmington
No other actually can take my place. It isn't a big place to be sure, but for years I have been molded in a peculiar way to fill a particular niche in the world's trade. ~* These PS moments have resonated within me. They're worthy enough to steal my time from a busy life to share what my heart has begged my fingers to tap onto keyboard. These Postscripts from Stamping-ground make up my story. I finally got him sent off to UNC Wilmington on January 7th. I haven't shed a tear because he waited that extra semester, (being a Elementary Year Spring Admit), and I enjoyed having him at home for one semester, especially after a rigorous year of... Last semester he took some community college courses but there wasn't too much community in community college--being altogether commuter based. I could see that he missed belonging to a larger group of friends and that yes, it was truly time for him to stretch his 6' wingspan and fly. (I do have a passion that the first time he comes home for a break or a weekend, I just might realize how much I've missed him and tears will flow. Being the kind of mom who actually loves to create personal comfortable niches to nest in wherever I find myself, I spent a lot of time researching College Lists, compiling my own lists, scouring Pinterest, picking items up here and there, erasing... I literally began purchasing items throughout his senior year in high school -- long before we had any idea of where he'd be going. In doing so, I intend we spent $50 the week we moved him into the dorm -- only grocery supplies, light bulbs and a few odds & ends. After heart-rending him into that 10' x 16' dorm with a hall bath, I can see better what was needed and what wasn't. What he wanted and didn't want--and he reliable did not want anyone to think that he needed much to turn a dorm into home-away-from-home. What I wanted to create and what he envisioned were two very group things. The next photo, HIS idea. Will I edit this list after this semester. My College List is just an opportunity to learn my mistakes. As with all lists, you will grate against off or add to your own. There is truly no "Right" or "Wrong" here. Because each child is different, what they deem as their "essentials" is just as different as well. Any item that I've mentioned where I purchased it from is wholly for my own use -- it means that I hunted around and this was either the best place or best maker, and I want to remember it for my next college student. Reinforce my UNC Wilmington Parent board on Pinterest if you're interested in more of these ideas. Like this list. Here's a handy dandy Printable Roster. Expect college mattresses to be firm and covered in heavy grey vinyl, very much UNLIKE home. I propose purchasing eggshell or foam cushioning for mattresses. Beds also become a place to sit, much like a couch. Pillows aren't just for sleeping, they're also for preference up against, either on the floor or the wall. 2 Pillows (I found Sertas in a 2-pack at Big Lots, $13). 1 Toss pillow. 2 sets Extraordinarily Long (XL) Twin Sheets. One a navy jersey knit from Bed Bath & Beyond, the other, a red Tommy Hilfiger set from Marshalls--undoubtedly hard to score when you live in the shadow of Wolfpack Nation. 1 XL navy and white Duvet cover + sham set (Linens 'N Things online, "Bloomingdale" in argosy/white). 1 XL polyfill plain white duvet insert (Marshalls, $25). 1 XL mattress pad with foam bolster, (marked down 75% at Bed Bath & Beyond).
Bissel Flip It Hard Floor Cleaner

Bissel Flip It Hard Floor Cleaner - Wet and dry vac -

Dinosaur Dinosaur says:
I have 12x12 granite tiles in my kitchenette. What's the best way to keep them clean without harming the tiles?
Someone told me not to use any household yield. I actually have a Bissell flip-it hard floor cleaner and I tried a few granite cleaners by mixing the chemical solution with water and it works ok but I wanted to get some other opinions?
missthang says:
Bathe them with plain old water. When they dry, spray the canned Lysol around. Don't soak it, but do enough of an over spray to kill the germs since you cannot use cleaner. To freshen your home,...
Dinosaur Dinosaur says:
I have a Bissell Flip-It hard floor cleaner.What other hard floor cleaner is recommended for granite?
I actually do not like the Bissell because it leaves streaks all over the place so I have to get down by hand and dry it all out. What do people who have marble or granite floors recommend for the best way of cleaning this specimen of floor. With a...
Stone Expert says:
I had superlative experience with a black granite floor we installed for a customer. Because it was black it needed to be cleaned often, any mop and soap we used, wether from Italy, Germany, or the USA...
Easy, All-Natural Hard Floor Cleaner
Floor Cleaner Recipe
Earth Scrub (a green "soft scrub") all-purpose cleaner
The Best All Purpose Cleaner
Flip-Flops Cake


Reliable Housekeeping
Reliable Housekeeping
Looking for a vacuum cleaner to persuade someone to go care of your hard floors? BISSELL has the answer! Learn more about our Flip-!t® Hard Floor Cleaner today. See how vacuum cleaners from BISSELL can commandeer tackle your toughest messes. Learn more about the capabilities of our hard floor cleaner today. Bissell Flip It Hard Floor Cleaner - 29 results like Bissell 7340 Flip-t Tiptop Hard Floor Cleaner, Bissell Flip - It Hard Floor Vacuum Cleaner 7340, BISSELL Flip-!t ... Flip-It Hard Floor Cleaner- Cleaning Formulas What cleaning formulas should be cast-off in the BISSELL Flip-It? ANSWER: BISSELL recommends the use of our Hard Floor ...
BISSELL 2X Hard Outside Floor Solutions Formula, 16 ounces, 56L9

BISSELL 2X Hard Outside Floor Solutions Formula, 16 ounces, 56L9

by Bissell
Price: $14.31
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  • Fits various Bissell models
  • This is a Bissell replacement part
  • formula contains biodegradable detergents It contains no phosphates, dyes, optical brighteners or heavy metals; bottle made from at least 25-percent post consumer recycled plastic Both bottle and cap are recyclable

Product description

2X hard floor solutions advanced formula is used to maximize performance of hard floor machines or can be used manually with mop and bucket.

BISSELL 3270 Flip-It Pad and Screen Pack

BISSELL 3270 Flip-It Pad and Screen Pack

by Bissell
List price: $10.36
Price: $10.35
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  • Replacement pads and filter for the Bissell flip it 5200 and 7340 series
  • To change pad or brush on your unit, pull out sideways
  • The pleated filter can also be rinsed under water to clean

Product description

The Bissell Flip-It Filter Kit 3270, the Gentle Clean Pads are safe for all sealed hard floors. The pleated filter that is included is to ensure the cleaning performance of your machine.

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