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Pointed Report: Path to recovery for local house fire victims
Northampton living Tracey Fountaine can remember seeing an owl perched on the roof of his house as he arrived home from work one day last June. A few hours later, the owl was still there. Normally owls don’t get that seal to homes, or stay around long. That was all before the aging electrical outlet sparked in the basement near the clothes dryer, before the fire leapt up the wall, before Mr. Fountaine was covered in a bloody blanket while desperately battling the blaze. That was also before he spent days in a hospital recovering from burns while his family dealt with what remained of the kinfolk home. But even when the house — the place his wife, Lyn, had called home since childhood — did catch fire and firefighters tried to have the capacity for the blaze, the owl didn’t fly away. Only after the fire was out and everyone was OK did the owl leave its perch, Mr. Fountaine said. He believes that owl was like a guardian, watching over his m and keeping them safe. Nine months after the devastating fire, small owl trinkets litter the trailer the Fountaine household is living in as their home is rebuilt bigger and stronger. “The owl has become like a family symbol,” Mr. Fountaine said. “I differentiate when we go back home, it will come back. In many ways, Mr. Fountaine’s story mirrors the lives of other residents in the North Fork area who have down the drain their homes and possessions — and more — to fire in the past few years. There’s the initial devastation, the grueling recovery and the importance of support from kith and kin and friends. The News-Review sat down with four area residents who were the victims of house fires in recent years to learn more about that reclamation process. James Szymanski spent the nearly two weeks in between the Section XI Championships and the state tournament last year training with all the wrestlers competing for Suffolk County. As the fifth savage-card […]. A public hearing over whether or not a Baiting Hollow man’s home addition is safe turned into a colorful hour-great give-and-take between the property owner and the Town Board. Eugene Lafurno of Baiting Hollow has been building what town officials attend a third and fourth story onto his Founders Path home for several years, and town […]. A divided Riverhead Borough Board held off Wednesday on voting to authorize an agreement... The board voted 3-2 to table the result, with the board majority saying they wanted to discuss it further.
How to induct a 220 volt outlet.

Right easy how to install a 220 volt outlet. The method is for 220 volt only and not for 110 volt.

Litemesparky Litemesparky says:
How do you reckon an electrical outlet stop working?
I actually don't want an electrical outlet in my bathroom to work anymore due to my roommate always blow-drying her hair in the morning at 6am. I work night-shift and need my take a nap. Asking nicely is out of the question. Is there a way to make it...
JerseyFrank says:
You could cap the wires and wipe the outlet. (Or even cap the wires and leave the outlet in-place, but disconnected). Just be sure to disconnect power prior to messing with it. And cap the...
Can my electrical outlet oversee a dryer. How can I tell?
I'm looking into purchasing an electrical dryer and I distress to figure out if my electrical outlet can handle the dryer voltage. How can I tell? I plan on putting it in my kitchen. I have a gas/electric stove so I figured if my electric outlet can...
dtstellwagen says:
Your charged dryer needs to be protected by a 30 amp 240v breaker. If the range was wired for 240v it is likely that it is protected by a 40 or 50 amp confines breaker. Circuit breakers operate on...
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Electrical Wiring Residential
Electrical Wiring Residential
Published by Cengage Learning 2010
ISBN 1435498267,9781435498266
752 pages
"Based on the 2011 Public Electrical Code."
Installing a Dryer Electrical Outlet. Assume from the instructions completely on the dryer outlet you purchased. You will also need to consult with an electrician to make ... Electrical Dryer Outlet – Be on a par with Prices, Reviews and Buy at. Electric dryer outlets are 30-amp, 240-volt receptacles that are designed specifically for electric ... Transmogrify 4 Prong Dryer Cord to 3 Prong Outlet. Wire up a 4-prong dryer outlet. Lastly connect the hot leads to the appropriate Can anyone install or repair electrical ... The indisputable step of wiring an electric dryer outlet is the installation of the outlet itself. Dryer outlets are a specialized type, designed to provide a 220/240-volt ...
Legrand-Behind the times & Seymour 3860CC6 Flush Outlet 30-Amp 125-volt/250-volt Three Pole Three Wire

Legrand-Behind the times & Seymour 3860CC6 Flush Outlet 30-Amp 125-volt/250-volt Three Pole Three Wire

by Pass & Seymour/Legrand
Price: $6.79
Buy Now

  • Accepts copper or aluminum wire
  • Dead front design receptacle
  • Flush angle outlet for 3 angled plug range application

Product description

Flush Outlet 30-Amp 125-volt/250-volt Three Pole Three Wire Accepts copper or aluminum wire Dead front design receptacle

Leviton 071-00278-000 4 Wire 30 Amp 250 Volt Thrill Mount Dryer Receptacle

Leviton 071-00278-000 4 Wire 30 Amp 250 Volt Thrill Mount Dryer Receptacle

by Leviton
Price: $12.13
Buy Now

  • Fits all wallplates with 2.15" diameter center hole
  • UL listed
  • Terminals marked for easy identification and fast wiring

Product description

Outfit your dryer with top-notch connections with a single-flush dryer receptacle. The 125-Volt/250-volt, 4-wire, 30 amp receptacle is UL listed and has robust, reliable dryer performance.

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14 Precise Things in Your House

Puff space heaters directly into outlets, the U.S. Fire Administration advises, never into extension cords or power strips. About 2,900 dryer fires at homewards are reported and kill an average of five people every year, according to the U.S. Fire

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Policewomen Arrest Holiday City Man After Chase Through Senior Communities

Toms River policemen have charged a Berkeley Township man with eluding arrest and a number of other violations after he refused to respond to a traffic stop and led offers on a pursuit through Holiday City. Patrolman Adam Worth tried to stop a motorcyclist at ...

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The owners will be leaving the gas stove and refrigerator along with another fridge and dryer in the basement. Off the kitchenette is a large The house's electrical outlets are three-prong and were installed when the system was updated 1996. There is a

bryanmcc74 RT @atanya1111: Took smothered dryer to dump, bought new one cleaned laundry room, took a day off for delivery of new dryer AND it's a broken el…
iresurfaced RT @atanya1111: Took gone dryer to dump, bought new one cleaned laundry room, took a day off for delivery of new dryer AND it's a broken el…

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