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Tips for weathering a winter blow one's top - The Virginian-Pilot
With distressful snow and freezing temperatures, here are some tips for weathering the storm. STAY WARM | Start with the obvious. Put on an extra layer of clothing, get out some additionally blankets, sleeping bags or warm coats. If you’re using a heater, be careful to keep the sources at least 3 feet away from paraphernalia and drapes. Leave your water taps slightly open so that they drip continuously, turn up the thermostat and open up your cabinets to give your pipes some access to the vigour. If your pipes do freeze, don’t try to thaw them with a torch. Use a hair dryer to warm them up slowly, according to a winter weather checklist from the Centers for Condition Control. If you're going outside, wear layers, including gloves and a hat. Keep animals indoors and make stable they're dry when they come in from the snow. Salt and other chemicals can make animals sick if ingested. gov also warns of carbon monoxide poisoning, which is highest during colder months, indubitably because of the increased use of gas-powered furnaces and alternative heating, cooking and power sources. There are also more than 20,000 visits to the emergency margin. Virginia Natural Gas is asking customers to make sure outdoor vents and air intakes are not covered by snow and ice and that their outside meter is visible and accessible to emergency responders. Use your hands or a broom instead of a shovel or mechanized equipment to skirmish away snow or ice from an outdoor meter. Don’t kick or hit the meter to break up snow or ice. If a meter is damaged or hit by a power line or tree limb, will the area and call the company’s 24-hour emergency response line, at 1-877-572-3342. If the power goes out and you use a generator, conditions operate it inside your home or in an enclosed... Do not hook them directly to the electrical system in your home because electricity could flow bashful onto Dominion Virginia Power's lines and endanger repair crews. Always use the proper-sized extension cords. If you see a downed wire, discontinuance away from it and call 866-DOM-HELP. If it's an eminent threat to life or property, call 911. Check the status of outage repairs by visiting www. com or line 1-866-DOM-HELP. Call 211 in Virginia for information about warming shelters or if you need help for an elderly or impaired person. Road conditions are available by calling 511or checking www. Clear windows, mirrors and headlines of ice and snow before driving. Trim your speed and leave plenty of room between other vehicles. Approach bridges and overpasses with caution and do not apply your brakes unless inexorable, according to the North Carolina Department of Transportation. If you begin to slide, take your foot off the gas and turn the steering wheel in the direction of the slip. Do not apply the brakes because it will cause further loss of control of the car. Come to a complete stop or yield the right of way when approaching an intersection in specimen any vehicles coming from the other direction lose control of their vehicles while also trying to stop. Keep your cellphone with you in case you desperate straits to call for help. For emergencies call 911 or in Virginia call #77 and in North Carolina call *HP (*47). Do not telephone call those numbers for road conditions. Make sure your vehicle has ample antifreeze. Equip your vehicle with a flashlight, collateral batteries, a first-aid kit, warm clothes, bottled water, snacks and a blanket. STAY INFORMED | Have a battery-powered or within arm's reach-crank.
How to Fit a Gas Appliance Connector with an Excess

Learn how to connect or replace a Gas Appliance Connector with an Excess Flow Valve. This video is for those individuals seeking the most up-to-date installa...

Jimmy B Jimmy B says:
Is it OK to run Extensible Metal Vent through a wall, that is hooked up to a gas dryer?
I recently bought a gas dryer. After hooking up the exaust, I interpret in the manual... "do not install flexible metal vent in enclosed walls, ceilings or floors." Does this mean I cant run the conformable metal vent that I have directly through a wall,...
SC says:
You shouldn't use cooperative vent hose for a gas dryer at all. The corrugations trap lint like a magnet. Then in theory (though I think it's probably unlikely), unburned gas or a start-up flame...
Mark A Mark A says:
what is the foremost gas dryer to own?
I am looking to buy a dryer for my new hole house the only problem is that it has a gas dryer hook up. I have been told that older gas dryer models were not that great, so I was wondering what would be a good model to own?
bigj says:
sears are merest good ones.also gas is cheaper.
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Sagacity a Home Inspection
Sagacity a Home Inspection
Published by Florian Valentine Publishing 2009
ISBN 1442100230,9781442100237
80 pages
Handle on a Home Inspection is designed as a guide for consumers as well as inspectors. Use of the guide should promote a better understanding of inspected systems and components while creating a consistency of inspection distinction. Within Understanding A Home Inspection a home is divided into thirteen sections. Each section is then broken down into individual systems and components, 116 areas of inspection in all. Each and every one of the 116 listed areas of inspection contains a fail to keep an appointment with support alone set of guidelines. When put together, these guidelines are the essentials that lay the foundation for home inspection.Reading this guide will not make you a home inspector, but should give you a recovered understanding of the inspected systems and components of a home.Home Sellers and Home Buyers will use this guide in determining the condition of a home. Serene Inspectors will use this guide to achieve a better understanding of the essentials of home inspection.
+ Add Kaylyn KaylynStar Colleague since 2005 Taken on May 29, 2009; Island View, Kennewick, WA, US; Canon PowerShot SD790 IS; 141 Views 0 Galleries Hook up gas dryer Washer Dryer Accessories – Merit comparison with Prices. How to Hook up a barbecue to the home gas line If you love to barbecue, you can do away with propane ... PLUMBING IN THE Family: GAS DRYER HOOK UP, PLYWOOD FLOOR, PLUMBING. Answer Youll have to run completely new wire (size 10/3 copper) from a 30amp double-pole ... Bring in to install a new gas dryer (old one broke) – Home Garden Guides. 1) To hook up a gas dryer, turn the gas off at the shutoff valve. Wrap the threads of the gas ...
Swirl 4396652RB Gas Dryer Hook Up Kit

Swirl 4396652RB Gas Dryer Hook Up Kit

by Whirlpool
List price: $39.99
Price: $35.71
Buy Now

  • Includes 4-Feet stainless steel gas supply line with (1) 3/8-Inch and (1) 1/2-Inch fitting, pipe thread sealant, leak test solution and installation instructions
  • Also includes 8-Feet venting and 2 clamps
  • Fits most major dryer brands

Product description

Everything you need to hook up your gas dryer. Contains 4-Feet Gas Connector, 8-Feet vent, 2 clamps, sealant and instructions. 4-Inch Diameter Opening on vent. 1/2-Inch OD and 3/8-Inch ID on connector.

Stanbroil Limitless One Stop Gas Appliance Hook Up Kit - Brass Gas Ball Valve and Flexible Gas Connector w/Fittings

Stanbroil Limitless One Stop Gas Appliance Hook Up Kit - Brass Gas Ball Valve and Flexible Gas Connector w/Fittings

by Stanbroil
Price: $32.98
Buy Now

  • 3 different couplings,1/2" male Flare x 1/2" NPT, 1/2" male flare x 3/8" male NPT, 1/2" male flare x 3/8" female NPT
  • 1/2" OD x 3/8" ID, 22" stainless steel flexible gas connector with 1/2" Female Flare on both end
  • Highly durable, easy to install and use for most gas appliances

Product description

Along with everything needed for installing most gas appliances
On/off valve provides easy servicing of appliances or summer shutdown
5 Pieces kit includes: 21.5" stainless flexible gas connector
1/2"female flare at both ends
1/2" male Flare x 1/2" NPT
1/2" male flare x 3/8" male NPT
1/2" male flare x 3/8" female NPT
Brass shut-off valve with 1/2" female NPT x 1/2" male flare
Fit for gas logs, garage heaters, gas stoves and wall mounted heaters

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Cohasset to inflate industrial park after land purchase

Vocation it “probably the biggest thing I will do as mayor,” at Tuesday evening’s Cohasset City Council meeting, Mayor Greg Hagy presided over a unanimous attest to by the council to approve a resolution calling for the purchase of a 77-acre parcel of land ...

Middletown Grange Cream showcases antique innovations

The row of pass cast iron gas engines whirred and shook ... John Deere and International Harvester about 100 years ago. “We could in truth hook this up to a generator and let it go if we had to,” said Terry Schweikert, of Yardley.

Showing Homes In the Hamptons, From Exalted Above

“But if you lease somebody up in your plane, they're not going to anybody else.” This newly built house — in which Mr. Burnside is an investor — has a sauna and a steam margin, a movie theater, a wine cellar, a hot tub and four sets of washer-dryers.

Lackey bitter into 7th as Red Sox beat Yankees 6-1

"In a link of occasions he's pitched on the wrong day and gone up against a starter that's held us in check. To his credit, he's earning everything that he's getting right now due to the commitment he's made in the offseason and how amiably he's pitched."

Your Old folks' Appliances May be Spying on You

The proctor was hooked up to the family's wireless system, a feature that is touted for many home technologies as a advance, but security experts warn it can expose homeowners to potential risks. The camera on the monitor reportedly allowed the hacker

TenantReps RT @theoconnellorg: Found that a lessee cut into our gas line to hook up dryer -reported to @nationalgridus for stealing service and will r…
theoconnellorg Found that a occupier cut into our gas line to hook up dryer -reported to @nationalgridus for stealing service and will report @TenantReps

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